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Wood Cornice Board Informtion                   
      How to Measure for your cornice.
  • Measure from the outside of trim on one side to the outside of trim on the other side.  To this, add a minimum of 1 inch to provide a 1/2" clearance on each side of your trim.  This will enable your cornice to sit flush against the wall.

  • Shipping is actual cost only. 
  • No extra packaging charges
  • Please submit Inquiry with zip code and window width to get shipping quote.Submit Inquiry

  • All required installation hardware and instructions is supplied with the cornice. 
  • Installation of cornices is real easy and requires only a Phillips screwdriver.  A power screwdriver makes it easier.  All mounting is done above the window trim where the window header frame inside the wall provides a secure foundation to attach to.

  • All cornices are finished to your choice of stains.  Common stains are pictured below. 
  • All cornices are varnished to your choice of gloss; Satin, Semi-gloss, or high-gloss.

StainsAll pictured on oak

Extra Long Cornices
  • For cornices that are too long to ship, we make sectional cornices.
  • They are made and shipped in sections.
  • At installation, one side slides into the other.
  • They have a vertical trim to hide the joint.
  • Longest cornice made so far is 21 feet.
  • See picture examples below.
Conventional Sectional Cornice
  • Trim hides joint

Traditional Sectional Cornice


Mission2 Sectional Cornice

  • Mission2 is works very well as a sectional as the vertical trim matches the design.

Bay Windows   Yes, we can do cornices for bay windows for several designs.  Inquire for information.

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